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I was wondering if someone can help me go in the zoom firewall issues – zoom firewall issues: direction. We have recently installed a Sophos XG firewall and we have come across an issue where users are unable to log into a zoom meeting via a the LAN connection using a proxy.

So we have our guest wifi which is completely separate and that works fine no proxy, transparentwe have our wired desktops and wireless laptops through the LAN ports and neither allow us to connect to the webpage. Ive added all the zoom addresses into our exceptions list but when we click on the zoom meeting links they time out.

What i have noticed though is that we can get to zoom. Hi, I had a similar issue and продолжить чтение by adding zoom. I also have zoom allowed in the application control list. I get an IP address from us04web. Thanks for replying! I just checked our TLS exclusion list and zoom.

But the browser side didnt work. I did look at the applications side and its already there too but set to medium. I cant see where i the option is to edit this to low? I’ve added Zoom Meetings in the application filter at the top of the list I use. I added the Zoom in here, does it look correct? If a post solves your question please use the ‘ Verify Answer ‘ button. Site Search User. Sophos Firewall. Thread Info. RSS More Cancel. This discussion has been locked. Hi, I was wondering if someone can help me go in the right direction.

I cant see any web or firewall errors on the log viewer either. Am i doing something wrong? Thanks in advance! Top Replies. Hi, have you посмотреть больше a look in IPS? Maybe Zoom Hosts appearing there.

Please try only this ones, not the 5 from your screenshot. I guess it’s not the issue. Can you ping them from the XG? Vote Up 0 Vote Down Cancel. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me! I’ve added zoom firewall issues – zoom firewall issues: zendesk but it still appears to be failing. Theres nothing extra added into the IPS besides the default Hi Franceso, Thanks for replying!

Zoom firewall issues – zoom firewall issues: HTML.



– Zoom firewall issues – zoom firewall issues:

Also, when you reboot your computer, the antivirus protection will automatically turn on. Previous Previous. Your computer should now be able to start.


How to Unblock Zoom from the Firewall (Complete Guide) – Security Escape.

Firewall rules for Zoom Phone ; TCP, , All Zoom clients ; TCP, (see note), All Zoom clients ; UDP, , All Zoom Clients. If you are experiencing connectivity issues, it could be due to your network’s firewall settings or anti-virus software. These articles provide how-to.

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